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Stretch, move, smile and relax. You deserve relief.

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Releaf In A Jar

Endorsed by our founder Bob himself, our products are known by our customers as simple relief in a jar. Finally understand what all the buzz is about. Our team of professionals cares deeply about effective products with all-natural ingredients.

Sun Grown - Real Releaf

Based in sunny California, and grown locally, we appreciate and honor the natural power of our products. With ingredients straight from the earth, you don’t need to worry about mystery chemicals going into your body.

Pesticide Free - Real Releaf - Mother Nature's Power

Our ingredients are USDA organic, pesticide-free, and therapeutic. The essential oils and ancient ingredients we use are sourced with care because we care about effective relief. The simplicity and power of Mother Nature is boundless.

Real ReleafLook no further for high quality CBD pain relief products. Real Releaf is a one-stop shop for the highest MG CBD balms online. Our pain relief CBD salves and balms are the most effective, all natural products available on the market today. All Products Less Than .3% THC
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The Ortho Doc said that the only thing that would help would be a knee replacement. The previous 10 years, was an continual battle of dealing with pain and starting to favor the knee by eliminating putting weight on it which cause me to limp. No surgery or relief for me until I starting using your balm. No pain & no limping.

Richard L, Sacramento, CA

As I get older, aches and pains have become all too persistent. I had been using the familiar OTC cremes with little relief. Recently I had a terrible pulled shoulder muscle that nothing was working for. I was introduced to Real Releaf salve and I kid you not, in less than a minute I could full turn me head without ANY pain!!! I am beyond grateful for this product and recommend it to all my friends. Thank you to whoever created this miracle!!

Jackie B, San Pedro, CA

My wife uses the balm for her back pain and I use it for my tight neck muscles. It really eases the pains. We are believers. Thanks, Real Releaf.

Janis and Rodney, Las Vegas, NV

I’ve had some sort of arthritis knee pain for my entire life. When the weather changes slightly cold, my knees with ache – sometimes both or just one. I’ve had to keep my feet and shins from getting cold to avoid an episode everyday throughout the year. Products like Bengay haven’t worked, nor pain killers. The only thing that has worked is excess heat applied directly to the knee area for an extended amount of time. I tried Real Releaf and within 5 min the pain was completely gone! And I have not had a full blown episode in over 6 months! I’ve also had neck pain – and within 5 min the pain was gone! You don’t need to keep applying or use very much at all!

Sara G, Pheonix, AZ

I am a professional guitar player that was experiencing a lot of pain in my fingers on my left hand from pressing down on the fret board. I almost gave it up until a friend gave me a sample of Real Releaf CBD Oil balm. I am playing again with no pain. Love the balm!

Brian H, Carlsbad, CA

Hello from Armenia! I want to thank you for giving me the samples of Balm for my pains in my knee and back. I tried it for the first time and my pain went away in a short few minutes. Thank you for helping me with my pain!

Ross B, Armenia