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Based in sunny California, and grown locally, we appreciate and honor the natural power of our products. With ingredients straight from the earth, you don’t need to worry about mystery chemicals going into your body.

Pesticide Free - Real Releaf - Mother Nature's Power

Our ingredients are USDA organic, pesticide-free, and therapeutic. The essential oils and ancient ingredients we use are sourced with care because we care about effective relief. The simplicity and power of Mother Nature is boundless.

Professional Care - Real Releaf

With Real Releaf, you’re in good hands. Our founder stands by our products and utilizes them for his own healing journey daily. Our team of professionals cares deeply about effective products with all-natural ingredients.

Most Powerful Medical CBD Pain Relief At Your Doorstep!

Pain management is a crucial part of our lives. In our day to day life, we face many different types of pains due to a variety of medical conditions. Usually, we tend to ignore our sufferings until they become unbearable and then take synthetic opioid painkillers to reduce the pain. But this is not a permanent solution for pain and it often gives rise to many other destructive problems and side effects.

Using 100% natural Medical CBD Pain Relief agents is the best option!

For any type of pain due to physical injury, excess fatigue, stress, muscle issues, etc., Real Releaf offers the best and strongest CBD pain relief available, including muscle CBD pain relief, made from ingredients coming straight from the Power of Mother Nature.

Real Releaf’s Hemp Oil Derived High Mg Dosage Natural CBD products are well proven for pain management. Integrative Medical CBD Pain Relief options with Real Releaf are great healing-oriented natural medicine that helps in every aspect of life.

Good medicines always come from good science and nothing is better than medicines made out of natural ingredients.

Many leading pain management experts suggest Real Releaf’s Medical CBD Pain Relief for any kind of pains in any part of the body.

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Our hemp is sourced from California’s highest quality farms.