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Sun Grown - Real Releaf

Based in sunny California, and grown locally, we appreciate and honor the natural power of our products. With ingredients straight from the earth, you don’t need to worry about mystery chemicals going into your body.

Pesticide Free - Real Releaf - Mother Nature's Power

Our ingredients are USDA organic, pesticide-free, and therapeutic. The essential oils and ancient ingredients we use are sourced with care because we care about effective relief. The simplicity and power of Mother Nature is boundless.

Professional Care - Real Releaf

With Real Releaf, you’re in good hands. Our founder stands by our products and utilizes them for his own healing journey daily. Our team of professionals cares deeply about effective products with all-natural ingredients.

Re-discover yourself pain-free.

Meet our fearless and self-healing founder: Bob

After a near-fatal accident at a steel manufacturing plant in 1999, Bob was left with harrowing injuries that left him unable to walk or even move. A shaft on an overhead crane broke an 85lb wheel that the shaft was holding, which consequently free fell 100 feet and hit Bob in his neck and shoulder. The impact ripped most of the tendons and ligaments in his shoulder and he suffered severe lateral compressions in his lower back.

Prescription Medication - Real ReleafWestern doctors prescribed him more than thirty pills per day for both physical pain and psychological relief. Among the many unwanted side effects, the pills made him gain 100 lbs, develop diabetes and IBS, and, above all, induced severe depression and suicidal thoughts. He was also struggling financially, as the medical bills were piling up all around him. He was headed down a dark path, seemingly with no other options, when he had an unexpected conversation that would change his life forever.

At one of Bob’s doctor appointments, there was a doctor visiting from Israel. After reviewing Bob’s medical history and seeing the damage the medications had done to his body and mind, the doctor asked him one simple question that would prove to be a pivotal moment in his healing process, likewise in his life,

“Young man, have you ever used or researched medical cannabis?”

Over the next three years, Bob delved into his research and started treating himself with medical cannabis. The results of which were effective in weaning himself off of the harmful prescribed medications.

Hemp Seed Based CBD Oil - Real ReleafIt was only soon after that he began to see results that would transform his entire life. He began to feel like himself again, losing the weight, and reversing his diabetes. As soon as he was able to get himself off of the harmful pills, his suicidal thoughts stopped in their tracks, and he began to love life as he did before the accident.

Today, Bob only uses Real Releaf Pain Balm along with our CBD Hemp capsules and tinctures.

Bob is a trusted consultant to many certified doctors, and he volunteers regularly at Medical Cannabis referral offices as a consultant to educate about responsible and effective dosage, how to keep your spirits up in times of hardship, and the beauty and strength in perseverance.

Bob is available for private consultations via our contact form.
Please let us know if he can help you heal with Mother Nature’s power.

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Our hemp is sourced from California’s highest quality farms.